Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I come back on Halloween night!

The previous post is on 31st of July and now is also the end of October.
Ok, I finally get it how long I didnt blog =X

Taken with Iphone front camera. so blur right =/

Well, today is Halloween.
Some must be party-rocking with their halloween dress up, while I'm currently trapped in my hometown, you can feel my boringness in my words. T.T
I don't think there is any nice club with awesome halloween party on-going, and it has been raining all the I guess I will just spend my night at home=/
Actually, I did went to genting for the halloween theme park so i count it as a celebration XD will blog about it next time *pinkypromise*

Hmmm, I'm not saying I don't like the place I grow just...getting bored to it =S You know what, I can actually spend like one hours to fully explore the city because the place that young people hang out is concentrated in just two streets.Everytime I bring my friends to my hometown, they will ask, over? just here?and there? I will say, or you want to experience climbing mountain? lol

Alright, stop complaining how boring my hometown is..anyway, I come back to rest and meet my parents during the sembreak since I didnt come back here for months.Two months to go before holidays end, I think I really need to find something to do.
The first thing I wanted to deal with for a long time, is the BLOG LAYOUT. I'm sicked of it! just like how i feel to my hometown LOL=X
I going to do some photoshooting for the header...still thinking the theme...photographersss any idea? =D
Another irritates me is that chatbox! CAN YOU SEE THOSE SPAMS! URGH!!!
I'm definitely going to remove it...
So....stay tune for the new layout at

*Obviously a post full with craps just want to relieve my boringness* Good night everyone <3 p="p">


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