Thursday, June 21, 2012

He's the one

Seriously, I had no idea that he would be so important to me when we first met.
I met him at a prom night held by my college.
He is not from our college, but one of my friends' date so I didn't pay much attention to him.

See the awkwardness between us? LOL

The whole gang went to a pub after the prom ended.
We didnt really talk like at least a full sentence during the whole night.
The only impression i had happened when one of our friends get drunk and she couldn't walk with her high heels so i exchanged my flats with her, but the thing is I couldn't squeeze my feet into them. What he did next was kinda shocked me, he kneeled down and helped me to wear the heels. Hahaha. First time ever a guy did this to me.

Jealous of his eyes and nose >< NOT FAIR.
My nose looks extremely flat while standing besides him.

Taken at @live. 

Watching LeeHom's concert.

He knows what I'm thinking even though I don't speak out a word.
He always stays by my side when I'm depressed and fragile.
I don't tell people what i feel normally. Yea, not even one, but only when i face him, I can listen to my heart honestly.

He likes this song but he doesn't really like the movie. Yea,, guys dont like twilight, another supporter of vampires suck. =X

He is so important to me

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