Saturday, February 18, 2012

CNY2012 part1

Back to blogging life =)

How was ur cny?
Mine were all about camwhore, eating, dolling up, yumcha with friends .....
(totally forgot the assignment thingy at that time..that's why i'm struggling to finish them these days.arh, life is suffering. =X)
hmmm...too many photos to show u guys..i guess i have to break this cny post into few parts =S 

Before the long break started.
had a reunion dinner with coursemates 

And.... drinking session at my house XD crazy night .

Packing my stuff..
nearly exploded LOL

A day before new year's eve, It was the day to attend the company's annual dinner~
Outfit of the day 

Spotted me? 

The girls.
with all my cousins xoxo

The next day! Time for reunion!chinese new year's eve. 
Wearing my mu jersey 

Grandma's house is always the place we gather 
Baibai before we have reunion lunch =D

I told ya cny is my favourite festival! *drools*

after the lunch....chiong k time! =D 

=to be continued=

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