Thursday, December 8, 2011


This photo-shooting happened about 5 months ago =X
oK, Imma gonna slap myself twice time for being so lazy to update this should-have-been-posted-post.
There you go, Pi-Pa.
(urhg....then now torturing myself to recall what had happened on that day)

Outfit of the day:
 Maxidress,Sport shoes

I got a partner on that day! =D
 super nice girl, Fish.

This photo-shooting theme is about sisterly love. ♥
Outcome of the photos.


Some behind scenes!
 (Imma gonna kick your ass if you fall down from the stair!)

And..we camwhored during break by gf2!

That's it!
You can see the whole album here> A day with Fish.
Kindly leave your comment and let me know which one you like =)

2 Comment ♥:

Anonymous said...

I like the photograph of the photographer taking you guys, feels kind of funny and awkward for you guys. hahas. I am such a guai commentor ! :)

Nava.K said...

Very nice and both looking so gorgeous.


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