Sunday, November 20, 2011


HEy peepo~
This post gonna be a random again , bcos i am still drafting others ;)

How're you guys doing recently?
While for me,
I'm really satisfied to my life now..
My life is filled with lovely friends, outings, movies and law thingy.

I think GSC cinema can reward me a title>"movie queen of the month" =p
bcos I had watched soooooooooo many movies @GSC midvalley
Cinema is like a home for me now =p
PA3, In Time, You're the apple of my eyes *twice*, Immortals, Lion King 3D...
Happy Feet 2 *awaiting*
So i gonna have quick review down here for every movie i had watched.
PA3  - I used my jacket to cover my eyes during mostly 2.5/4 the movie screening, after that i found out it wasnt that scary, so... i decided to save a small space which is enough for me to see the whole screen, but still covering with jacket =p idk~ i just need some sense of security~
Lion Kind 3D  - recall back those childhood be honest, it was my first time to watch this movie completely. And the songssss, remind me those highschool life in choir =)
Immortals- Warriors and immortals with nice body figure and shape *blush but drooling*
In Time- creative story! I was impressed by that sexxxxxay girl (nearly perfect), running with high heels.
You're the apple of my eyes- Remind me of my highschool life again. I dont like the ending =( but not every F & M in love can really be tgt rite? Sometimes, we feel regret for what we done, but life still going on. We can remember those past as sweet memories, don't we? =)

Ok lar, back to reality world, $
this month got too many activities, Spent sibeh lot of money ==
especially that MU jersey and Leehom concert.
and then, moviess, steamboat, overtime, korean bbq, bbq steamboat again =S
see, so fun huh ==

Year end sale has started~
Next month i gonna save money for food and movie, but spend them on clothing!!!

Before end of this month, i need to spend another RM100 to buy ticket for prom night ><
The story is like this...
Actually we're rushing to complete our assignment these days..
Our college offered a super duper great deal for us: Buy a tix for prom night and you can extend your assignments' due date to next Jan.

Ridiculous right == 
We would loveeeeeee to extend the deadline but why with condition like this??$$??
Why dont you just EXTEND IT????

But.. hor, anyhow,i will accept this offer lar *max guilty*
Is abit rush for the original deadline, i wish to do better in my assignment,
i can still pass up according to the original date, but not with full understanding of the topic...
So.. no choice =(
This is Malaysia~
Pleaseeeeeeee dont demonize me..... only this time ok...

Suddenly miss my highschool friends......

All of us are having our new life in college/uni &get to know new friends
Different people, different places, different life
Feel abit sad, but always with full blessing to them.. XOXO

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