Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Movie Review] The Thing

Last week, I was one of the lucky person to win two tix of The Thing's screening from Churpchurp
For the first time ever, I won something from churpchurp/nuffnang so I was like a kid, humming the smurfs theme song till the moment I found out it is a thriller..

Ehhh? This poster reminds me of wolverine...LOL

Ok, whatsoever, I tried to convince myself to keep the positive thinking..
=>ok lar,just treat it as a challenge.. HA-ha

On that day
 Camwhore before going out =D
oops...was in a rush..this pic is totally out of focus =(

Got our tickets!
Thanks to Churpchurp, we had a great time, the movie was quite nice!
Mr.Lee tried to frighten me but end up he himself was shocked by the sound effect. LFMAO
The story of The Thing is about a crew of international scientists, they found something inhuman during the research in Antarctica. The discovery full of scientific possibility becomes a mission of survival when they found out The Thing is not yet dead. It has the ability to turn itself into an exact replica of any living being. The only way to stop this thing to survive and flourish is to burn it.

Overall, the movie was really interesting as you will see how people don't trust each other.
(The Thing might have duplicated as one of their friends, pretending like a human among them, waiting for chance to attack them and run away.)
However, It is kinda sad to see the situation when you found out your friend was already infected, you have no choice but to burn him/her to death.
Actually, it wasn't that scary.
If you haven't watched The Thing , go watch it when u're free =)

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Neo said...

i wan to watch this badly !!


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