Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey imma lying on my lovely bed now
Lil devil(in case you don't know,is my itouch!) is on my hand now
Just downloaded blogger app so quickly try it now :p
From now on , I can update my blog anytime ,anywhere ! (trying to be efficient blogger XD)
I wish blackberry company can release application for blogger too...pls don't let me feel like having iPhone is more fun than blackberry:(

Deepavali break just started!
But I got 4 assignments waving hand to me T.T
I had returned to hometown for few days , feel like going back to kl now bcos I can't focus on reading at home
My bed is so comfy...
Urgh, I need some activity to motivate myself, sumthg like shopping ? Clubbing? :D

Ok lar, stop my craps here
I just want to try new app :p
Good night reader!

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