Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uk, see you.

I'm feeling so great now.
I just got my final result last week.
My dad accompanied me all the way from kluang to kl by bus.

I've been waiting for it for months, and i couldn't really have fun before that, i mean like FUNfunfunfun, that kind of crazy fun.
Whenever I think about the result, I started to tremble for no reason.

Before having exam, I broke down .
I even had a discussion with my family about changing course.
But lastly, i convinced myself to sit for the exam and tried my best as possible as i could.

Now, I passed!
Seriously, i think i didnt perform well on my first year.
I have put many effort on dealing with housing problem and my temper.
And CURSE YOU GAOGAO, tmd bastard, you totally ruined my life and affected my studies.

So, yea, happily got my result.
Standing before cross-road, have to decide whether should further my studies in uk for 2nd year.
Applied months ago, got conditional offers from Cardiff , herfordshire, liverpool and east anglia.
Zomg, sounds not bad~

All friends and relatives want me to go , frankly, is really a good opportunity to go there earlier.
But so sorry to disappoint u all, i have decided to stay here for my 2nd year.
Not because my result
Not because i am not ready
Not because i cant bear my family and MR.LEE
Not willing to share wif u guys even my own parents.
Decided to keep it in my heart and fulfill it.

2nd year
No more negative thinking
No more ponteng
No more tears
Be content
Be filial
Be cheerful
My goal.

Uk, See you.

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