Friday, July 1, 2011

End of June, here is July

It's the end of June now.
FAST fast fast
what i mentioned hvn fulfilled WTF
my result still don't want say hello to me.
and my camera still kennot come back with me busybusy no mood to buy also

Thank god the situation turns out better.
ytd i really scared to hear any ringcalls.
now is like huuuuuuu relieved.

my highschool sports day coming!
that's this coming weekend!
can't wait to meet with my friends on that day.
miss them alot!

Will definitely update my singapore trip tomorrow
but now considering whether make it a simple random post or a travel guide post.
but sure will type it in chinese hiakhiak

Excuse me, let me scream a while
Eason is coming to Malaysia!!!!
my love rfrf
and guess what?
MR.LEE and I got the tickets XD
the very first time is eason *blush*

This post is full of crap.
Anyway, stay tuned for the singapore trip update ok?

New month
I hope my family be healthy and safety all the time

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