Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Owh is JUNE!

Owh is June now! [abit too late to realise?]
yea, I am enjoying my precious holidays now
and I am pushing myself very hard so as to not waste every day being lifeless aat home.
I wanna have tripssss as many as i can =D

The first trip i went was  to cameron highland, we had so much fun, and i am looking forward to go back there again!

and actually i just came back from kl, had a short trip to visit kl as a visitor this time.
Enjoyed my days at MR.LEE's hostel
bar bar bar barbeque~
Yea, we bbq=ED i love the moment we preparing for it.buying these buying those, owh i love it!

MR.LEE  and I decided to have a movie date at midnight
Me was like freaking excited bcoss i never been to kl cinema before even i studied at there abt 9 months
 so we happily went to buy tickets, then we back to home ,waited for 12:30pm coming.
Unfortunately, we feel asleep!
untilllll the next morning ='((
totally forgot about the movie =((
our friend walked into room at 1:30am woke us up,asking why we didnt go for movie, we were like HUH? and MR.LEE told me i even answered: didnt we finish watching? and got back to sleep...
ZZZzz ==
We were very pissed of by ourselves.

Okay,just forget about those two idoits.

 I will be in singapore wif my cousin on this friday!
cant wait to start it quickly!
hope we have fun!

I love blogging these days and will try my best to update it everyday.
Drafted alot of posts
I will be update my blog in anytime
So, Keep your eyes on me =)
Stay tuned!!!

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