Saturday, May 7, 2011


1st question: Eh, How come they can be so famous a?
CHIO -look

Famous bloggers say: I stop asking for money from my parents since 18 bla bla bla...

But how they get their money to spend???
They say: I spend what i earned by myself.

Yea, but
50% ++ comes from their chio-look.
They will start to rebute: Noooooooo, I put effort on it!!!!
However, it is undeniable that they are provided jobs mainly because their chio-look and their fame.

(jobs here mean those related to their blogs such as advertorials, press conference, lens model....)

How they get fame?

Borned to be chio-look.

ya, is still the SAME and MAIN reason

So...I am older than most of the chio bloggers, but my parents still give me money every month.

I don't have fame and chio-look to get easier jobs.
I don't have time to look for other jobs.
I'm still a college student.
My parents don't allow me to get jobs while I'm studying.
They say, my current duty is stu stu stu study.
But I'll repay them GAOGAO after i finish my degree.

I don't have CHIO-LOOK.

Then how???


Oops, no offence! Just for fun.

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