Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hmmmm....i nearly forget this blog XD
Today is the end of May!
I have been thinking the whole day what to update.
I promised readers about the churpchurp tutorials but so sorry i m kinda busy recently and churpchurp social sharings are very less now so i dunhv many examples to print screen.
Readers, be patience ok? XOXO

Since is end of the month, is time to share what i did recently. 

I finished my final exam.
so now having holidays

Had a memorable trip with my coursematessss
we went to cameron highland!
the scenery is stunning, food are awesome..!
We had great fun, very envy one of my bac friend who lives there.
Thanks to her, cy.
She did very well as a guide tour.
And all of us are very impressed by her, she is a superwoman.
Will share this trip after i collect all the photos from friend. =) stay tune.

And, I moved out from hostel.
Yea, lil sad, not bcos of tat irresponsible man who once was my friend.
Sad bcos i just started to close wif another housemate, chole, but is time to leave there.
Although i moved out from there, is not the ending...
Just wait.
I am waiting for the whole ending.
And i will do a special post of whole story out for public.
I will tell you all how a guy can be so mean and irresposible.
'Where there is not only one who hates you, is time for you to think about your attitude if you really want your future to be bright.'
Stay tune.

I am kinda shocked how my dad dealt with tat irresponsible guy.
Hey, you are very lucky.
My dad trying to give u chance.
or not i cant imagine what my dad does to you.

Ok...just throw that moody topic away, shall we? =)
Pointless to make me emo bcos of that disgusting guy.
Hmmmmmm...looking forward to my next trip!
either with my family or friends.
is Been a long time i didnt travel with my dad and mum.

Just had a visit to grandma's house.
Miss them alot!
Very sad to see my grandpa..
how come he becomes so skinny...
He  is very happy to see me make me nearly tears down...
I decided to pray everyday from now on.
Pray for my family.
Hope god can hear my wishes.

Hope everyone doing well =)
Here June comes.

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