Saturday, April 16, 2011

What happened to you? been a long time I didnt update my blog.
So sorry about tat bcos I am preparing for my final exam
YA! the BLOODY exam is around the corner.
and I'm freaking scare right now.

Hmm..I didnt talk much abt my studies in blog rite?
I'm taking uk transfer programme at bricksfield asia college now.
I choose law.
You ask me why?
I admit at first i wasnt treat it as interest.
Daddy always tells me to choose what i really like.
They didnt force me to be a doctor or wat.
But i want to be their proud.
And i want better life.
I want to earn money, give my parents better life.
Here to note tat, I wasnt tat hate law.
Political issue...quite interesting.
as you know, malaysia politic is like a .....eerm, disaster.
I really hope my knowledge can make a change for malaysia.
This sounds crazy but it's real.
People always criticise XXX minister incapable XXX racist
but what they did?nothing rite?
Just a issue for them to chat.
this is one of the reasons i study law.
Get it?

However, after few months in kl, I feel stressful.
I feel my performance in studies not tat well.
Friend told me nonid to study whole book one, but i just feel that I am not ready, I want to be perfect, I want to read throughout the whole book.
Books with words make me stressful.
Negative emotion controls me all the time.
I dunnoe what happened in those days.
Maybe because of problems at the place i stay kl make me really pissed off.
It affects my studies. mtfk.
I just want to focus on my studies but things turned out to be not like tat.
I really hate them.
You ruined all my plans.
Besides, reason i feel stressful also come frm my ability, ithink.
I'm chinese educated.
Ya, my speaking cant be well like those in class.
They're awesome, can express what they think.
I can't.
But i tried my best to improve it.
At least now I improved it.
Basic speaking is not a problem for me anymore.
Back to the problem as aforementioned, the negative emotion keep annoying me.
I always cry for no reasons
Tears roll down quietly every night.
No one can talk to.
I forced myself to read books.
I feel wanna puke when i see those words with no spaces.
Finally I phoned to my parents.
They are freaking worry abt me.
After communicate, they know my problem.
I really feel grateful to them, i was touched by what they told me.
They suggest me to change course after this exam.
But i still wanna try to sit for this exam.
Try my best to do it.
Ya, now I still hvn made my decision.
The only thing i nid to do now , is focus on my final exam.
Do the best that i can.
Others, leave it after the exam.

Daddy told me is not a big deal to change a course.
Dont care what others think abt you.
Ya, who cares?
Daddy asked me what I like.
I told him I like to read magazines.
...daddy speechless ><
But is true, I can read a same magazine many times. I enjoy reading them.I enjoy thinking how they match the clothes.
I always wanted to learn more abt this, but i believed that my parents wont let me to do so.
However, i cant believe what i heard that day, daddy agreed!
Tears down.

I still need to try my best on this final exam!
Leave it after the exam =)
TAke my time to choose my path this time.

I applied to uk uni ady.
And I got offer from Cardiff university!!!! (Scream)
OMG that's good man!
my 1st choice and i got it.

Maybe I will go to uk.
Maybe I will change course.
Who knows? *wink*

All I have to do now is focus on my exam =)

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chunyu said...

good luck to u! try ur best! =)


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