Saturday, March 19, 2011

New gadget ♥

Okay! I finally have time to update my bloggie!
Good news to announce here~
I got new gadget!!!
Guess what is it????

Blackberry 9780 ♥
Thankiew daddy :D

BB pin : 235F0F31 (that's a zero , not  'o' XD)
Pingchat : janicejia
Foursquare : JaniceJiA
twitter: missyihjia

 I want to buy a pinky cover for my bb =))

3 Comment ♥:

Puiteng Ng said...

Gratz! I wish I have a blackberry too! ;(

TOLANIC said...

MSN don't have ka? Hahaha. Woah, I want BB too! =)

JiA said...

Puiteng Ng : Thankiew! wish you get yours soon =)

Tolanic : Haha i seldom sign in to msn now~


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