Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011 !

Hey! Happy New Year! =)
Today is 1st of JAN 2011
What a pretty date again: 1/11/11

I guess u guys had fun rite?
Mine sucks!
Quite regret to go out, i rather stay at home with family and watch tv shows peacefully....

Anyway, still show u guys some random photos...
Ow, i m sorry, i looked so FUGLY  bcos of my fringe.It grew longer and i had no idea how to handle it bcos MR.LEE don't permit me to cut it shorter. I'm so kind to let u guys c my fugly side. FML~

Outfit of the day, tried maxi dress =) i looked short,didnt bring any high heels,but i personally think this pair suits the dress too~

However, i was still delighted bcos of the new year, 2011.
A whole new year to me....
I gonna let it be meaningful~

Say Byebye to 2010!

Btw, i m looking forward to the chinese new year!!!
feast & family is always my love during this season =)

My new year wish
Hope my family and MR.LEE be healthy and safety all the time.


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