Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This week so unluckily arh!

CNY is coming but i have two assignments awaiting.
I don't care, i wanna finish one of them before holidays start.

F...oops the word comes out again.
There was no electricity supply at home arh!
Someone din pay for it.
& the sum is really big
I really dont have idea why they can use so much.

My friend sprained his ankle while playing basketball.
I didnt know he dont like sport actually, bcos he grows very tall.
I tot he just slipped and fell & it was not a big deal. 
But it swollen like an elephant leg afterthat.
Mr.Lee and I was like his parents.
It was very late ytd, clinic treatment are so expensive bcos they suggested us to x-ray tat broken ankle.
Luckily i managed to get info from a shop, tat auntie gave us a herbalist doctor's namecard.
Then i was like Mama, hailed taxi, showed the taxi driver the address, co-operated to find tat place(a house).
We felt so lost bcos we are not locals, but strangers all treat us like locals. Wtf
WE reached tat place abt 10pm plus and the herbalist doctor keep nagging he was actually closed but willing to treat him.
Aftertat, hailed taxi again to back home(F, it was really hard to find a taxi in tat area!)
MR.Lee and I tried our best to help him find doctor, taopao food etc.

My plan is totally RUINED.
hey u happy or not?!
(i m not saying eu, my kesian fren who broke his ankle.Is somebody else.)

Nvm, I have my new plan....
You, just wait and see.

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