Sunday, December 26, 2010


Well , Christmas day just passed.
And I finally have the motivation to update blog
(sorry readers~)

So, how u celebrated this festival?

Did you countdown for it?
Did u have a feast with family?

WEll, i did BoTH!

is warm to celebrate christmas with family =)
although we're not christian...
Had a gathering with my beloved family members
We had turkey , lamb,pizzas, french fries, smashed potato and wines!
I was like a ghoul, tried to eat as much as i can XD
and we went to countdown @klg parade
everyone was so high, keep spraying  artificial snow to frens & strangers~
Like i said, who cares u're in kl or in orchard road?!
Get urself HIGH lar! sohai~XD

'LL post the pichas after i gather from my cousins =)


5 Comment ♥:

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

You're cute, girl =D

JiA said...

Tq =) u too~

irene said...

cute ya..i love turkey very much

Philip Khor said...

merry xmas!

JiA said...

Irene : YA,actually it is my 1st time to taste it XD

Philip: Yea! Merry Christmas!!! =)


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