Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town~

Hear the sound of Santa Clause?
Yea~ Is December now !!!
Christmas is coming !

Time flies, is also the last month of this year =(
next year i will be 20.. omg!  =(
but nvm....emo only lasts for few minutes
because chinese new year is coming too! HEHEHE
and everywhere is now having BIG SALE !
As you know, I LOVE SALE.  HEHEHE
(Recently i really spent alot in clothes and foods...everytime MR.LEE scolds me, i protest these are the ways to deal with stress.and he speechless. )

When i was small, I envy those who celebrate christmas.They play games and exchange presents.Their house is decorated with christmas tree...(I think what i envy is only the PRESENT lol)
I tried to convince my daddy to celebrate this festival too,but was rejected. (I just wanna get a present. lol)
He said Buddist dont celebrate christmas.
But in Singapore, most of the chinese celebrate christmas, this is what i think and what i see everytime i go to sg in december.
You can see parents are busying ,choosing presents for their children.Damn envy lar~
Christmas tree at Vivo city

Well, My break is on 21st of dec till 2nd of january.
This time must plan well for the holidays!

December is the month to have FUN !

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melmonica said...

Gosh, I miss X'mas at Singapore. Went there few years back and it was an X'mas to remember =)


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