Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Declaration !

I did something crazy justnow =S

I created a PAGE !!/pages/JiA/175563572477040 

Gossip: Aiyo, this gal so ugly mana boleh buka PAGE???  

Mana Boleh~~~~~~~~

Yea, this post i wanna let u guys know why i accidentally created a page.
Is a declaration XD

Well, I feel quite bad when i keep sharing my posts on my private account.
Is like ...spam ><''

Besides, I really wish to have my own private account, only real life friends in my friend list.
I found out too many strangers add me as friends on fb(tat's y i didnt approve ur request) 

I accepted too many strangers before...
So...I will start to edit my friend list (So SOrry!!!)
If you wanna know more about me, you can follow my blog thru my page.(I'm active here!)

Conclusion > The page is for blog .
That's all =)

So...If you did follow my blog , kindly 'LIKE' my page.( bcos i wont share my posts on private acc anymore~)!/pages/JiA/175563572477040 

任何更新都会在PAGE,不在private acc.

【下一篇】是X'mas Part 3 !

Cheers =)

1 Comment ♥:

sully86 said...

hai, thanks for dropping by. Hope to keep in touch often. Take care


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