Sunday, December 12, 2010

=( 2010年12月12日

Well. supposed this post is a happy one, but no mood to let it happy anymore.

I want to be strong.
And I sweared to be.
Don't underestimate me.

Dealing with my criminal assignment now,something relates to persistent vegetative state(PVS)

Surprised to find this video from youtube.
This disaster was related to the case Airedale NHS Trust v Bland
1st case in english legal history , permitting doctor to withhold medical treatment from a patient in PVS ,and the patient is from the Hillsborough disaster.
Whoa~why i typing all these words in here, they suppose to be in my assignment!

Bless me
for anything.

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CzChooi said...

hahaha camwhore queen! looks cute =P

JiA said...

Ha-ha Thank you =)


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