Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok...readers,JiA finally managed to stick herself in front of her laptop.

Well, I think this post will be a long one, because I dont think I have enough time to do 2 or three posts in a day, so why dont I put all the words and pichas in a post?Teehee...

Hmmm...I am now enjoying my deepavali break.

Ow, and why it ends so fast?!
How i wish the holiday can be extended! 
If this is what Mr.William intends to do so, i will say i love him XD

Last saturday , we had our 1st outing to celebrate Paul's bd. His birthday is on Sunday, but since he wanted to be with his family, we had a celebration before his big day.

We went to midvalley, bought nothing, just had a chat at mcd and spent the whole afternoon.
Oops!and had a mission to buy a dress for Jengyu's friend.Noted that the budget is under 50 bucks.
I really did it and felt proud of myself who completed mission in Midvalley.
Afterthat, we went back to my place and had a korean bbq.I don't feel like describing how tasty the meat are.

Just a word, i think is enough to let readers  imagine. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

Happy Deepavali

Thanks to the festival, I can back to my hometown.Everything seems so unfamiliar to me.The most delightful thing is to sleep on my own bed,use my own big+clean bathroom.
I think my brain is going to corrupt ,there are too many matters to think about ...
and last,
Oh $.

*Mr.Pcc , I apologize for my lazziness,but i will fulfil . Just wait.


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