Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your vote is needed !

Remember last time a post about MR.LEE was joining a contest on fb?
read this

Okay_and MR.LEE was luckily succeed to get himself into the semi-final with other 17 guys.

And_now he need to fight into the finalist.

Scoring Criteria
Web-based Vote
80% of the total score shall be based on website voting.
Personal stylish photographs taken by our professional in Semi-Final Round will be uploaded to NUKLEUS Forum Website for vote casting by the public. Scoring shall be based on the popularity of the Contestant.

Judges’ Vote
20% of the total score shall be based on the voting by judges comprised of sponsors, professionals, and main organizer.
Contestant is judged base on overall personal deportment such as posture, style, ability to promote, and charisma.

Therefore_i need u guys to help =)
Kindly follow the steps below:

1st: 'LIKE' the main page of NUKLEUS START on facebook!/pages/Nukleus-Wear-Inner-Sense-Revealed/268546923030

2nd: 'LIKE' contestant Zhiwei's photo!/photo.php?fbid=436726708030&set=a.436339128030.221223.268546923030
Done !
Semi-final voting will end at 13/10 12pm.
Thanks for ur vote anyway =)


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