Friday, September 3, 2010

Kao Essential Hair Products review

I have curly hair.
When I was small, boys teased at my curly hair.
I really hate those who teased  me before and I wished my hair grows straightly but infact, it is impossible. lol (I dont hate them anymore because i knew they were small kids & they were ignorant and nothing to do~)
I was super thrilled when REBONDING was invented.I was fulfiled and all the problem was solved!(No more tease!!!)
That's why I have rebonding every year.

However my hair was damaged recently .
YA, damaged.

My mood was so down and emo because of my damaged hair.You won't understand unless you have damaged hair too.

Okay_Now I wanna introduce the hair products which rescued me.
DAda~ Essential hair products from Kao [Japan]
SEe? NO.1 Damage Care Brand in Japan.
SO this is the secret why Japanese girls always maintain their gorgeous shiny hair! (They always perming , colouring , rebonding still can have beautiful hair. fml...)

Okay_back to topic.
Why Essential?

In addition to the natural ingredients - high purity honey & milk protein*1 Essential is also formulated with Ultra Shine Essence*2 to give hair a healthy shine.

Essential deeply repairs and strengthens hair damaged by colouring, perming, rebonding, styling and blow-drying.

Hair becomes so healthy, it shines all the way to the ends!

   1. *1 Protection ingredients: honey and whey (milk)
   2. *2 Repair ingredient: lanolin fatty acid

【Information from】

There are two finishes.

NUANCE AIRY with wild rose essence (light&bouncy effect)

RICH PREMIER with sunflower oil essence(smooth&manageable effect)

More info? click

Ofcourse I choose Rich Premier set.
 lovely packaging

I've been using it for few weeks.I swear, it really works! I can feel the effects , my hair becomes really soft.Besides,it smells sweet like honey. I bet ants and bears like essential too! lol
Not anymore! =)

I'm using the shampoo , conditioner and hair mask.
Although I heard about the effect of hair mask is the best, I find out conditoiner is the champion lar~ own opinion.

I think I won't switch to other brand for a while.
I realised healthy hair is damn important to a girl.
Thanks Essential by Kao!

Sorry I don't have any before-and-after pichas.I was so sad to see my super damaged hair so I didn't take any photos.*sob.sob.*
Luckily,my hair recovers. =)

OKay_Hope this review helps.

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Sylvie Tan said...

good 1, i like it :)

Evelyn`Wann said...

Hey, I have curly hair too so I seriously understand the process you went through since childhood. They just couldn't understand our problems. haha btw, nice blog you have it here =)

→Kimi♥恋物语 said...

第一次来给你留言啦 ^^

carOliciOus ♥ said...

I like the third one :)
is nice enough <3

-passer by- ^^

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JiA said...

to Both Anonymous: Thanks =0 I hv twitter account , u can find it from the left hand side among those gadgets =) Do follow me!

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Anonymous said...

I’m nonetheless studying from you, but I’m improving myself. I certainly love reading everything that's written in your blog.Keep the tales coming. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about buying the whole hair care line. The pink nuance airy hair mask works great! My hair feels soo soft and silky :3


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