Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm here to update my dead blog.
English post today~ bcos the poll shows readers like it XD

As you know,I'm studying law.
Why i choose law?
For better future. simple and nice answer XD (i can gv u more detail answer if u want)

Public law
Criminal law
Common law
Contract law

These are the main subjects i'm taking.
They make me pengsan.
My brain always comes out thousand of question mark.
come out from

till emo becomes my buddy...fml
till i eat more than usual...fml*2
till my bigaunt havent came to visit me...fml max

Can't stop reading the notes when i think of the money my daddy paid for me.
When i became so thoughtful? lol

show u my cham face now
oh god.

No eyes to see anymore...

Ok...That's all this time.


3 Comment ♥:

Camie said...

Buck up girl =)

sully86 said...

hold. All the best!!

JiA said...

Thx guys =)


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