Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recieved my prettia bubble hair color~

Another parcel arrived.

My mood was sooooo good while waiting for my parcel.
I even had a chitchat with the postman when i recieved the parcel~

What i bought this time?

Prettia Bubble Hair Color
I bought two in promotion price =)
one is custard brown
another is milk tea brown

But I'm not going to use it unless my hair recover from dryness.

You know what,
My hair dries like straw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after doing the rebonding&dye IN THE SAME DAY.

I was so stupid to believe the hair stylist.
Our conversation was like this :
JiA: Are you sure we can do rebonding and dye in a day?or seperate?
Hairstylist:Yea~do them together to reduce the harm to your hair.
( quite makes sense...)
Then my hair was ruined.....

Someone please help me T.T
Okay_So I gonna try all sorts of ways to repair my hair.

I bought Liese's products.
I hope they work.
or not
I'm going to have hair treatment package.
I want my hair looks really smooth when it grows longer.
My hair, please buckup.

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Anonymous said...

uhm where is the result after using custard brown? i wanna see! :D i ordered also the same color but the order hasn't arrived yet. :)


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