Friday, August 6, 2010


I don't know what to update but I don't want my blog dies like this.

Force myself to type something out.

Everyone's addicted what???
..... !
SNS (social networking sites)
such as Facebook , Twitter ...
I think the 1st one is Friendster.but now, no one use fs anymore.
FS is replaced by FB .

If you don't have your own account in Facebook & Twitter
You sucked~

For me,
I'm totally POISONED by facebook & twitter.

Erm..Facebook is everything!
★fb games is damn
fun! Hotel City, My Empire , Nightclub City ,Restaurant City,These are what i'm playing now.
p/s:Don't hack the game to simply get higher level, you won't feel interesting afterwards.This is my experience.
★There're MANY(more than half, i think) in my friend list ,i don't really know them actually.
Sometimes,I'll feel wanna delete all of them.
You know, PRIVACY is so important.
Imagine if bad guys use fb to kidnap ppl...Omg.
I'm so regret now ,why i approved so many ppl i dontknow???
Maybe someday i'll clear them up , someday i will.

★I keep seeing ppl share nude photos in fb recently.Walao_My wall is totally being polluted.To those who shared links: Please lar, you commented YUCK-DISGUSTING, then why you shared????Just pretend you didn't see it or see it but do nothing lar! You know what , I always online in living room & my dad&mum is just beside me to watch their tv show.How embarrassing when i see or my parent see these.
I roll up my mouse NUDE.(fml)
I roll down my mouse NUDE.(fml X2!)


I just had my Twitter account a month ago.
It's so fun!
Tweet tweet tweet like tweetybird. lol
A place for me to type a lot of craps.
This place is more...private, bcos only the ppl you followed will appear on the wall, unlike fb,alot of passers-by.
Come and  tweet with me~ =)
Follow me ♥

I have Skype too~~
My username is : missyihjia (only for my buddies)

this post so sucks.
I don't know what i'm talking abt~
Forgive me...
Cheers =)

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Anonymous said...

ur post is not sucks~
it's meaningful to me~buck up^^


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