Monday, August 16, 2010


I found out InnitNuffnang few days ago from one of my nuffnangers Weiwei
Sorry~'' for being a nuffnanger,I'm so late to join innit right?
(Forgive my dullness~XD)

Normally, Humans who aren't addicted to blogging don't know about nuffnang.Atleast among my friends, they don't know~
They always react>>Huh??? when i talked about nuffnang to them. (I'm a good nuffnanger~I promote nuffnang to everyone~ XD)
1st time joining nuffnang , I reacted ''Huh???" too.
I even thought something like : Huh??> Is this a mystery group?


For me,I enjoy blogging & BlogWalking too!
So_Innit is just a perfect place for me to Walk walk walk.
And Nang nang nang ~

1st time using innit
I added my latest post Idiots & Liese
I just recieved 6 nangs T.T

JiA: Mr.Lee,Why i only got 6 nangs?
Hub: ...Maybe they didn't notice you~
JiA: Why?I supposed this post is quite interesting! We co-operated!
Hub: ...Maybe they don't like our style~
JiA: *sobbing
Hub: Maybe they aren't interested in girly stuff~
JiA: ....
Hub: Hmm...Maybe...They think we're too 'idoit', so they don't want to HIU us.
JiA: *speechless

However,I did get reaction from lil and lil of nuffnangers =)
At least my comments increased.
Good_now, i know that i'm not alone.
Very Good_I'm not talking to HANTU
Very very Good~



I wanna get traffic from Innit!
Nang it♥

Btw, Lil renovation in my bloggie
I added FB "Like" button & Recent post.
Oya! Updated my new poll from nuffnang too =)

Cheers ♥

4 Comment ♥:

hoay said...

Nothing is too late ya ^^
Hehehe...Nice to meet u :)

Xiao怡 said...

nice blog~^^
I ❤ ur many many function in ur blogger.

ken said...

enjoy using innit.. =)

Merrinette said...

Hello Jia :D


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