Monday, July 5, 2010

Random of being a Blogger ♥

1.My blogging life starts when I was 17. That time, no one  talked with me at home as I'm the only child & my parent were busying with their career.Plus_I didn't have many friends that I could talk with.*some innermost feeling etc.Okay, so I had my blog ;] 1st blog in Wretch (无名)well-known in taiwan.I didn't upload any image for any post , all I had, were words.All were chinese posts.

2. Moved to The reasons I moved, easier to handle , more local , I think.

3.Remembered the day I created my 2nd blog .Yumcha-ed with my highschool classmates, KangXuan & ShuKin. Thanks KangXuan for helping me alot.Okay_I admit I am PC idiot .I just need someone to guide me!I learnt how to upload images, how to change templates , how to add gadgets Blablabla.

4.I joined nuffnang when i found out blogging can actually earn money too! Daily Hits decide your earning ,I think.My daily hits T.T I wanna use chinese words to describe >小猫两三只. Famous blogger like Daphne Charice ( or Chuckei Baby ( earn alot. They're my goal .

5.Someone told me they did follow me but they don't like to leave comments.They read secretly, I think.XD
I used to be like this too!I mean, before.Shhh....Quietly bookmark his/her link. Shh...check his?her blog everyday.Shh...imagine how the way he/she talks.Shhh....etc.Erm, is this called pervert? Lol
No~ we should behave like , HEy! I'm one of your fans!!!(Shout out loudly)Then maybe he/she will pay attention to me & we become friends!Oops, sorry for the stupid thinking.
Haha,maybe my readers think that I haven't become the one whom they want to shout out their love~XD

6.I found out some bloggers & readers like to leave messages in chatbox instead of leaving their comments in each posts. Idk, but i prefer the latter. In my previous blog, friends left comments in each posts. After moving, they don't do this anymore. T.T This is crying face. Hmmm...maybe they don't follow me anymore~SO SAD.
So I hide my chatbox to somewhere around here XD can u find it ? =)

7. I am not qualified to share beautify-your-blog tutorials, hair tutorials even the makeup tutorials. But, I can share my life~The movie I watched, the friends I met, the food I ate, Blablabla Tee-hee ;]

8.Adui_It's not easy to be a good blogger, but I'm trying ;]

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Anonymous said...

I follow you ^^

yongzhen said...


JiA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JiA said...

Anonymous: thanks ;]

JiA said...

Yongzhen: really?! happy to hear that ~

Merrinette said...

started blogging around age of 15 because i'm a loner in sch and family

deleted 2 blogs because of high sch drama,they found my blog and blogs war started

changed to another new blog this year for better management :)

melmonica said...

Nice post. I also don't know how to do tutorial and such but just be yourself. People follow you for a reason. And that is because you are real. Keep up the good work. Cheers~

Everlyn said...

LOLx..i joined nuffnang afta read chuckei's blog, i think u knw her rite? =)
Gd luck on earning !!


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