Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Genius~

Wondering you clicked the wrong link?

Is Here, is here!
JiA's bloggie :)

Changed template.
New header, new pinky, new design.
New Bloggie ;]

I hide my chatbox XD(I didn't remove it)
It's still here.
Try to find it ;]

Thanks blogger Celestine & Max for giving me some guide.
Finally succeed!
I'm Genius~ Hmm?
Ok lar_At least I followed their guide correctly XD
So I'm still the genius~~~

Bloggie renovated.
What do you think?

8 Comment ♥:

Anonymous said...

Not bad!

村长 said...

u have made a nice blog!
i like it!!
teach me teach me~~


JiA said...

Anonymous: thanks~
村长:really?you like it? wahaha I'm genius.Okay~i'll teach you XD

村长 said...

but i think i need to wait until after uec~ hahaha~

JiA said...

村长:O~So,you are from independent school?! same with me :) Okay_after uec. anytime anywhere I'll teach you XD

村长 said...

yea~ im from KL one~
hahaha~ im envy on you~
yr school have a big field~ hahaha~

JiA said...

Cheh, I tot you envy what~~~
haha u went to chhs before?
u like field arh==i dont like.

村长 said...

i didnt go be4~
but i had heard from somebody that yr school compound is big~
not like us~ haha~


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