Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birth Day

today is my birthday :)

Yesterday , I was attacked by Flu.
Worrying & Wondering
Huh?!I gonna celebrate like this?

Luckily, get well this morning. :)

I didn't sleep well .
Zhiwei said we should grab the chance to chat till late late since i have free calls today.
Somomore, greeting messages & calls keep coming in. as though throwing bombs to me.
Argh,My ears was suffering when those lovely greetings bombed in.
Lovely Bombs.

Okay_Gonna dress up myself whether there's a celebration.
Cover up my rising age ,okay? XD


2 Comment ♥:

一條毛毛蟲 said...

english again...

JiA said...

But u can understand XD


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