Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st time using lower lashes =)

Wohooo~My parcel finally arrived.
Actually I have been waiting for it since a month ago(maybe more than a month)T.T
Everytime i asked the seller, she replied the sailing date was delayed etc.
Sometimes, I think,maybe the ship sunk . lol

What I bought for myself?
False lashes. =)

Before that, I bought Dolly Wink No8. from Sasa.(Actually I want No1.But it's out of stock.)
Well,I still can buy it from the web.
But the problem is Dolly wink's price kills me.
I saw her selling dolly wink made in Taiwan.& cheaper than the real one.
So I decided to buy from her.

Okay_finally recieved the parcel.
"What you pay,what you get"
I think, I better buy myself Dolly wink made in Japan.

Nvm,This one also not bad, just not as good as that one.
Staying at home and nothing to do~
I did eyes makeup for fun. =)
I'm quite regret to do this. bcos i'm lazy to remove makeup actually.XD

Let's see.
what i used today.
DollyWink lower lashes No.8 , Maybeline cat eyes mascara, Kiss me Liquid eyeliner, Za Concealer,Dior eyeshadow, Koji eyelash glue& double eyelid tape.

This is my eye without makeup. T.T
Put on contact lenses .
My eye looks biggerXD

Apply concealer to cover my darkcircles (at least i tried)
Put on double eyelid tape.

Apply lil eyeshadow.I'm using brown colour.
Draw eyeliner & apply lil mascara.

(Lil eyeshadow & mascara is enough bcos the false lashes are the main role)

Put on upper lashes
which i recieved today.
 Apply mascara on my bottom lashes(excluded the outer part)

Okay_The hardest part .
Put on Dolly Wink no8. lower lashes.
 Actually it was my 1st time using this lower lashes.
I don't have any experience.Hmm,just try it &pratise more.=)


3 Comment ♥:

~¤*浪漫<天真_欣怡*¤~ said...

erm.. I wanna put on double eyelid tape 2.. but i dunno how to..=P

K a t t said...

hey, u got use double eyelid ya?
wow,wat type u used?

JiA said...

~¤*浪漫<天真_欣怡*¤~ :=)sweetie, pratise more, u'll succeed.You can search video from youtube.There'are videos abt how to use the tape.

Katt: ya, sometimes.ERm..idk, just normal double eyelid tape~


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