Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A short update here..
I reached home finally....
so tired
I'm not feeling well
I think i sick

I dunnoe wat's wrong with my body
keep feeling wan to vomit these 3 days
although i ate so much super delicious food, :I didnt enjoy them ;[
as i m suffering
especially when i was in Italianese
the food was SSSOOoooooooo delicious ,but i didnt finish them..

I brokedown when i reached my own room.

i told my dad i m not feeling well
but he n mum did nothing
they juz enjoyed the korea drama
they addicted to it
they didnt know i m suffering n crying in my room
they laughed n talked abt the drama

after having my dinner--instant noodle
i feel better.

I think i need to rest now.

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