Sunday, June 27, 2010


Had a date with Zhiwei again ♥

 Imma good driver actually.
Zhiwei asked me to create a blog for him.
I think, he admires me XD
He says he can put his art works in his blog nexttime.
So his blog was borned ;]
But he haven't done the design , so i will  have a opening ceremony for him after everything is done ;]

This time~~~~~
Is Toy Story 3 !!!
Whoa~is amazing. Toy story has accompanied me through my childhood.Can't believe it.
I'm a big girl now. Wahahaaha

Alright, talk about the movie.
New episode, new characters.
Urgh, I don't like Ken.
I felt wanna punch him when i saw his face every scene.
I couldn't find his masculinity!

Wondering his sweet strawberry scent is still with him when at the dump.but the garbage man says he can smell it T.T

Nowadays, toys befriend thru MSN. LoL

Squeeze Toy Aliens
Couldn't help laughing when i saw them.
"The Claw" ahahahaha...
Somemore,Their unison catchphase is
"You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful."
They are important  this time. XD

I got it in cinema!
It's not a paper cup.
This one, quality is better. ;] but is still Messi~ T.T
Can I have Kaka, please?
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