Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random ♥

Helloooooooo ;]
Aha.....I have no idea to this post~
So...I choose random ;]
1. I spent my wonderful weekend with my family! It was a great gathering after the chinese new year.I mean, I felt warm ;] In my family, we used to celebrate mummy's day &daddy's day together.Yup,we celebrated parents' day.Teehee~Happy Parents' day.I am going to blog about that few days later as I am still collecting photos from my cousins :]

2.Going to beach soon ;] with my family ,looking forward now.

3.Sorry to tell ,I failed to go into semifinal of that bloggie competition.Actually  i didn't ask for vote from anyone, just lazy to do that AGAIN. ;] anyway, i appreciate those who voted for me,especially those i don't even know who you are.STRANGER-GOD-BLESS-YOU ;]

4.CHHS funfair is coming soon.I haven't bought any coupons yet.This time i want to go with zhiwei.So,Who is selling me coupons? ;]

5.Three months to go before i start my college life.Hurray & Hurry.Improve my speaking is utmost importance.Mouth, be co-operate. ;]

6.Addicted to twitter.;] so this is the one i look for ,when we can't mumble in facebook. So, let's Tweet. ;]

7.Ole ole ole ole~World cup fever now. I love Kaka.too bad he got the red card , the referee blinded ,i think.

8.I have rm12.00 in my nuffnang account!!!Everytime my earning increase ,i will rush to downstair and tell my dad&mum,but my dad responded: There aren't even enough for you to buy a meal.;[ Okay,I will get more.Friends, kindly click ads for me when you see ads appear ;]

9.I like to observe cats behind my house.

10.I am planning to change a new look. ;]

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