Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I blog for my sake ♥

I joined a bloggie competition
click here♥

I remembered I sent out the application form for a long long time
but it took long time also to post mine
tilllllllll i almost forgot&thought that i failed or maybe is expired

Until one day
when i signed in as usual
i was so surprised to see there was 20+ people watching my bloggie at that time
I had 50 new friend requests in FB non-stopping till now
Then i found out mine's posted out
i got 120++votes
without any flack
1masshutter is powerful indeed.

But it brought me problems too.
too many friends requests ><''
And this is example
 He's suck.
Of course .I didn't approve him.

What i wanna say is privacy
Although i am willing to share some of my life with others .
but there's some i want to hide.

i miss my previous blog in wretch.
I typed whatever i wanted to say.
Being like that.

All i wanna say is
I blog for my sake ♥

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