Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outshooting with Xiaoxiao E & Happy MeOw's Day ♥

YEAH~Yesterday I had a wonderful day !
Went out with xiaoxiao E ♥

JiA&Xiao xiao E
She accompanied me to buy miss katt's bd present,after completed this misson,we yumcha together.
For few hours?i forgot.
waiting the sunlight became weaker..

Although photographers like sunlight , but they don't like strong sunlight. I think. So do everyone==

Photo-sharing here♥

Little. BEAR greets XD

See~!I got ears@@

Where should i go? murmur.

omg!i like this so much. something like contrast --> <--

Lil bear I am *

Hellooo, I said.

I tried to get out of this place.

I am waiting ZHIWEI to come back n date with me actually XD


We explored a nice place
Whoa!The scenery is damn nice!

Photo-sharing again♥

I live in forest.

And I love my life.

Want to see more?
Click here♥

''Lastly , thanks Xiao xiao E so much ♥
Nexttime i will go there again with my new camera XD
I want a camera badly!!!

Nikon or Canon?
which one better?

Oya, yesterday was KATT's BIG DAY
went for celebration in ubox again==
I was in charged of taking photos~

No idea why this photo so blur==

Was she singing? Lol.

She is making her wishes.

Secret recipe"s cake we had


Ryan suggested me this ps after i took this photo.
Yea~I need air.
Give me some fresh air.
My dear zhiwei is coming back tmr
Can't wait to see him
I miss him badly ♥

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