Friday, May 7, 2010


Having a fair in KLUANG MALL(groundfloor)till this weekend.♥
Korea Masks

These are from taiwan
See!How many types we have~

Gift sets for your MAMA♥
The main shop is located at the 1st floor, selling products from taiwan,japan&korea,mainly from the TV SHOW 女人我最大.Here's their FB page!/pages/My-Beauty-Secret/437294785695 click "LIKE" pls♥ And this is their online store's link
Now they're having FIVE DAYS GREAT SALE ,10% discount on all skin care products.(some are 15%less!)
GRAB IT , shopaholic says.♥
So...Back to my work,
Actually I hate these orange covers.They seemed like haven't been washed thousand of years!Once you touch them, your hands will be covered with dust...WTF
My boss didn't prepare cash register for me.She gave me this.
OKAY. SO I will belt it on my waist and yell something like MARI MARI MARI! TIGA KEPING 10 RINGGIT! MARI MARI MARI!! LoL.Totally become an auntie in night market. NO WAY!!!

SO...Why is THE QUEEN be mentioned
Actually, I didn't join the preparation.Boss asked me to stay alone in the shop the whole day.OMG Was she thinking that I'm not capable enough to do these?!DOWN.....
Afterthat,she told me she will let me stay in the fair after everything is fixed and well-prepared. so all i have to do is SELL THEM.She said she let me do senang jobs.
Aha, so I'm the queen lar. Cheerful again :]

Why is the queen related to devil?
ERM....maybe is because the queen used to release devil when citizens are naughty. And she always simply says, OFF THEIR HEADS!!!
HAha....imitate ALICE IN WONDERLAND lol.

No lar~I'm just wondering the photos i took yesterday.I didn't know that i got a devil-like face!

Maybe is because of my darkcircles? Shitz.

OMG can't help trembling XD

Yea~call me your big boss! Devil's smile
Later 'i pubblish this post, a guy will tease about my eyebags are bigger than my eyes.Surely he will. LALA~you better don't~because the queen will get angry.Remember?once the queen is angry,she says,OFF HIS HEAD!!!or maybe the devil will give you a lightning attack.

Actually, devill can be sweet too! A lil blusher.

See~!How sweet the devil is! XD

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