Saturday, November 3, 2012

Birthday celebration @ El Meson , Overtime and Beer Factory

It has been raining last couple of days in my hometown.Rain makes me sleepy and lazy.
No sign to stop =/ Hope it won't cause a flood again.
Today gonna introduce one more place for dining.
This is actually the place boyfie brought me to on my 21st birthday =X
My birthday is on July, but now is November. Boyfie is nagging NON-STOP how inefficient I am in blogging. sorry la =X
So this post is about how I celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend and friends. =D

The night before my birthday @overtime
Thanks for the surprise <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

The guy who only have one face expression in four photos.Wilson, my best friend. Thanks for always being there for me. Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it. He is the best guy i ever met. Best wishes for him.

The next day, boyfie brought me to El Meson @ Bangsar which is the place I going to introduce.
El Meson is a spanish restaurant&bar located along Jalan Telawi 3 in Bangsar Baru.

El Meson
Address:No. 61-63, Jalan Telawi 3,Bangsar Baru
Tel:03 2282 8290

Tapas that we choose
Patatas Bravas

From what I remember, it's quite salty for me, luckily they provide bread together with this.

Our main course
Mine is pork chop.
So surprised that the meat is so thick but is still tender and sweet.

Boyfie's main course: Stuffed chicken-Delicious!

Took a photo before we leave <3 class="separator" p="p" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

After dining, we went to beer factory @ scot garden to meet our friends.

Two birthday girls, Liquen and I.

Our birthday cupcakessss. 

Photo with Fionn and Liquen

The girls.

The boys and two birthday girls. 

That's all for the birthday celebratioh post!!!
Actually I've done typing all these words at 6pm, but uploading photos to blogger using streamyx really takes me a lot of time!!! Bye >,<

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I come back on Halloween night!

The previous post is on 31st of July and now is also the end of October.
Ok, I finally get it how long I didnt blog =X

Taken with Iphone front camera. so blur right =/

Well, today is Halloween.
Some must be party-rocking with their halloween dress up, while I'm currently trapped in my hometown, you can feel my boringness in my words. T.T
I don't think there is any nice club with awesome halloween party on-going, and it has been raining all the I guess I will just spend my night at home=/
Actually, I did went to genting for the halloween theme park so i count it as a celebration XD will blog about it next time *pinkypromise*

Hmmm, I'm not saying I don't like the place I grow just...getting bored to it =S You know what, I can actually spend like one hours to fully explore the city because the place that young people hang out is concentrated in just two streets.Everytime I bring my friends to my hometown, they will ask, over? just here?and there? I will say, or you want to experience climbing mountain? lol

Alright, stop complaining how boring my hometown is..anyway, I come back to rest and meet my parents during the sembreak since I didnt come back here for months.Two months to go before holidays end, I think I really need to find something to do.
The first thing I wanted to deal with for a long time, is the BLOG LAYOUT. I'm sicked of it! just like how i feel to my hometown LOL=X
I going to do some photoshooting for the header...still thinking the theme...photographersss any idea? =D
Another irritates me is that chatbox! CAN YOU SEE THOSE SPAMS! URGH!!!
I'm definitely going to remove it...
So....stay tune for the new layout at

*Obviously a post full with craps just want to relieve my boringness* Good night everyone <3 p="p">

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boyfie's birthday celebration -Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烤肉 @Taman Desa

I think I'm having sleeping problem recently, is not serious like insomia, but I just can't sleep very well..
I've been thinking whether my pillow is too hard for me? =X I miss my pillow now T.T
It's far away from kl....I want to go back kl....for my pillow.. LOL
The worst happens when you didnt sleep well last night, you starts to feel sleepy after having lunch...
so, I took a long nap =/ and I'm here now! Blogging! 

That night after dining at Secret of Louisiana, we went to another place to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday with friends.

BBQ lover will love this place!

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烤肉

It is located in the alley between the shoplots so you can't really find it easily. For me, I lived at taman desa more than one year but I really had no idea about this place till my friend introduced us. 

It becomes our favourite place to chit-chat rather than having a dinner. I think this place is more suitable for chatting with friends after a dinner at other place ;)

This charcoal stove is placed in the middle of the table and you will get the chance to cook the meat by yourself!

For the drinks, there are selections of green tea, soft drink and alcohols like umei and sake.
Sorry but we didnt take much photos about the food on that day =X

Remember to try this ramen! It's my favourite ;)

Back to main role of the day! My man!  

Surprise for him!

Photo of us  

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烤肉
Center Court, Plaza FAber,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: opens daily from 6pm till 11:30pm

Hope I can sleep well tonight =/ Bye.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boyfie's birthday dinner - Secret of Louisiana@Kelana Jaya

It's been awhile I didnt blog about food, or...everything? I guess i need to confess myself for not updating this blog for so long time. I always wanted to do this but my mind stops whenever I start to sort out the photos, end up I close the folder and do nothing again :/ Lazy right?

However this time, I am so confident that I can make myself stick on the chair and type at least a post because I have so much to share! =D  WHY? Is July! The month I always looking forward to, yet makes me really broke. Boyfie and I are both July babies. You know that feeling when both of your birthday date is so close yet you dont want to celebrate together because each of you wants to have unforgetable memory prepared by your love one? Haha It just killed me, I mean my wallet. My wallet represents me =X
I guess I need to stop nagging how broke I am and get into the point of this post. LOL

17th of July is boyfie's birthday and this is the first time i celebrate with him , I'm actually very stress while choosing present and restaurant because I dont want to disappoint him. So, I bought him a braun buffel wallet as his old wallet is really dirty and broken so i guess wallet is what he needs now ;)

What makes me very stress is that I'm totally clueless where should i bring him to dine in espeically in KL, I'm not familiar with the places even driving to there will be a problem for me =X Gg
So, I did online research and found this place -Secret of Louisiana @ Kelana Jaya.
It serves the most authentic Cajun cuisines and guess what, IT IS LOCATED BY LAKE SIDE!

The place is not hard to reach , it's located inside Plaza Kelana Jaya, near to Paradigm Mall and you have to pay RM2 for entering the car park.

Secret of Louisiana

You can either choose to dine in indoor or outdoor by the lake. We chose table by the lake of course.


I love the environment there, it's romantic yet relaxing. I think it is a perfect place for couple and family ;)

Garlic Cheese Baked Escargot
OMG YUMMY! I'm hungry while blogging this *drooling*

Boyfie order this, Granny Canberry Chicken.
The canberry sauce reminds me of everyday breakfast haha I like this kind of sweet sauce with bread.

And mine! Black Pepper Lamb Shoulder.
TASTE DAMN GOOD!!! Feel like this is the best decision ever I've made on dining Haha. 
You know the feeling when you ordered something wrong and you will be very emo the whole night. LOL

A photo with boyfie before leaving that place...

A great night indeed! The service is nice, food are tasty, atmosphere is great..I think i will go back and try other food again! ;)

Secret of Louisiana
Address: Block D-01-01, Jalan SS7/13A, Plaza
            Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Phone : 03-7875 5230
FB page:

Yawn..I'm so tired after done my body scrub....stretched my body to scrub my legs LOL I think i just did an exercise also.
Well, i need to sleep now...Night!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012















为了谁留下 不值得


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